Back In The Saddle Again …

I have played this tune before.



I’m going back to work with Emerald Coast Massage Specialists. Teddy Andreadis, one of the owners there and my best business friend, if not best friend full stop, called me the other day to say they have relocated.

Their new facilities are larger and much more convenient, as far as getting in and out of the parking lot, and really, as far as just finding the place. They are a bit farther from the beach now, at 3076 Gulf Breeze Parkway, in the Breeze Shopping Plaza, and not in Gulf Breeze proper. So far that seems to have made little difference. When people need a massage, they are willing to drive an extra five minutes to get it.

Massage is by appointment only. Just call 850-934-4440 and tell Teddy, or me, or whoever answers the phone who you are, what sort of massage you would like, and when you want to come in. 

Or you can always call me – 850-292-1440 – and I’ll help you get an appointment at the office. Of course, I can also make arrangements to come to your place, if you prefer, set up my table, and sort out your muscles in the privacy of your home or office.

So whether you live in the Pensacola area or are just here for the sun, fun, and sugar white sand, give me a call. You’ll be glad you did.

That is all.

Mark out.


Got Health?


365138027_origWe all have health of one kind or other.



Some bad, some good, some indifferent. That condition changes daily, or even hourly.



What many of us don’t have is health insurance. I’m not sure what health insurance looks like, exactly, except where it pertains to me. It’s fairly dear, health insurance, though not necessarily in dollar terms.



I’m not talking about insurance for paying medical bills. I don’t have any of that, although I am off the hook as far as the tax penalty for not having federally mandated coverage is concerned.



The VA saw to that, and thank them very much.



You wouldn’t have thought just five years of my life all those decades ago would pay so many dividends, but it did.



But having somewhere to go when (and if) I get sick or hurt, or even having someone to help me pay for treatment if that happens, which is the purpose of medical insurance, is not HEALTH insurance.



I haven’t been to a doctor, apart from the dentist, in over five years. That isn’t me  just above, by the way, nor am I the guy in the first photo, though I’m working on it. I’m somewhere in between, but one thing that keeps me healthy is working out regularly.



Here you go – this is my health insurance, and like I said, it’s not cheap. Yeah, I do cook it, but from fresh, as much as possible. And as little starch as possible.



Although I don’t deprive myself of the finer incarnations of wheat and barley entirely.



Then, along with a bit of massage for yours truly once in a while …



Some sunshine on the beach …



A few concerned friends who made sure I didn’t miss out on the VA medical help …




And a little bit of luck …




I might just make it long enough to add my own tuppence and then some to the craft of massage and body work. Let’s hope so, right?

That is all.

Mark out.








Obama To Visit Gulf Breeze

President Obama is coming to Gulf Breeze tomorrow. There are signs saying that Highway 98 will be closed from 8 to 11 in the morning. Gulf Breeze is on a narrow peninsula and Highway 98 is the only way into, out of, or through town, so in essence the city will be shut down for three hours tomorrow.

I don’t have his itinerary but I assume he’ll be going out to Pensacola Beach, to see what effect the oil has had. From what I hear there isn’t as much as in Louisiana, not yet anyway, and I’m glad he’s showing an interest.

But I think most people would prefer that he stop viewing with alarm and start kicking people’s a**** like he said he was going to a few days ago. If you’re going to talk street tough, you ought to act it as well.

I’m not going to make a habit of this sort of pseudo political comment, but I thought it worth noting that I won’t be able to get to the ECMS office until around noon, if I make it at all. You still can call my cell phone though.

That is all.

Mark out.

Emerald Coast Massage Specialists

Isn’t that a great name, Emerald Coast? That’s where I live, what the area around Pensacola is called. The ’emerald’ part is for the bright green water along the beach, and as late as day before yesterday that water was sparkling clear despite the oil spill.

That hasn’t got here yet though I expect it will eventually, and it’s going to be nasty. But then eventually it will be stopped and cleaned up, though that may take a few years, or decades.

But that isn’t what I’m writing about. Maybe it’s selfish but I want to write about my new job working at ECMS, Emerald Coast Massage Specialists, located at 1198 Gulf Breeze Parkway in Gulf Breeze, Florida, right across the long bay bridge from Pensacola.

If it sounds like I’m doing a commercial that’s because I am, and with no apologies. Our phone number is 850-934-4440. Call now!

I really like the building – very open, very Florida – though of course when you get your massage here it’s indoors and has air conditioning. Someday I’ll do open air massage on the beach, like in that photo a couple of posts back, but really ECMS is more about the treatment of injuries and conditions, which is better handled, literally, in a more closed, medicine-like environment.

I like the people I’m working with, Sean, Ted, Gail, Clary, and Candy, Sean’s wife, though I haven’t seen her in a few weeks. Sean and Ted run the place – though I think Candy kind of runs Sean – and I’ll be sharing a room with Gail when the new ones are ready in July.

Clary is from Sweden though she has been in the States for quite some time. She still made me homesick for rural Minnesota the first time I met her and heard her accent, but she says she never has even been there. At some point I’ll post photos of these folks, and talk more about them and what, in general terms, we’re doing.

Meanwhile enjoy the pix! (Oh, and that’s Ted’s truck with the emerald green business sign on it, not my Massage Mobile – though the truck’s color is quite similar.)

That is all.

Mark out.