Back In The Saddle Again …

I have played this tune before.



I’m going back to work with Emerald Coast Massage Specialists. Teddy Andreadis, one of the owners there and my best business friend, if not best friend full stop, called me the other day to say they have relocated.

Their new facilities are larger and much more convenient, as far as getting in and out of the parking lot, and really, as far as just finding the place. They are a bit farther from the beach now, at 3076 Gulf Breeze Parkway, in the Breeze Shopping Plaza, and not in Gulf Breeze proper. So far that seems to have made little difference. When people need a massage, they are willing to drive an extra five minutes to get it.

Massage is by appointment only. Just call 850-934-4440 and tell Teddy, or me, or whoever answers the phone who you are, what sort of massage you would like, and when you want to come in. 

Or you can always call me – 850-292-1440 – and I’ll help you get an appointment at the office. Of course, I can also make arrangements to come to your place, if you prefer, set up my table, and sort out your muscles in the privacy of your home or office.

So whether you live in the Pensacola area or are just here for the sun, fun, and sugar white sand, give me a call. You’ll be glad you did.

That is all.

Mark out.


Got Health?


365138027_origWe all have health of one kind or other.



Some bad, some good, some indifferent. That condition changes daily, or even hourly.



What many of us don’t have is health insurance. I’m not sure what health insurance looks like, exactly, except where it pertains to me. It’s fairly dear, health insurance, though not necessarily in dollar terms.



I’m not talking about insurance for paying medical bills. I don’t have any of that, although I am off the hook as far as the tax penalty for not having federally mandated coverage is concerned.



The VA saw to that, and thank them very much.



You wouldn’t have thought just five years of my life all those decades ago would pay so many dividends, but it did.



But having somewhere to go when (and if) I get sick or hurt, or even having someone to help me pay for treatment if that happens, which is the purpose of medical insurance, is not HEALTH insurance.



I haven’t been to a doctor, apart from the dentist, in over five years. That isn’t me  just above, by the way, nor am I the guy in the first photo, though I’m working on it. I’m somewhere in between, but one thing that keeps me healthy is working out regularly.



Here you go – this is my health insurance, and like I said, it’s not cheap. Yeah, I do cook it, but from fresh, as much as possible. And as little starch as possible.



Although I don’t deprive myself of the finer incarnations of wheat and barley entirely.



Then, along with a bit of massage for yours truly once in a while …



Some sunshine on the beach …



A few concerned friends who made sure I didn’t miss out on the VA medical help …




And a little bit of luck …




I might just make it long enough to add my own tuppence and then some to the craft of massage and body work. Let’s hope so, right?

That is all.

Mark out.








Thanks, AMTA!


The American Massage Therapy Association is a national group that I joined before I even graduated massage school. I get my professional insurance through them, and they also offer other services, such as a listing in their data base of therapists, and a free website. I just set mine up, and here it is.

I was also very pleased yesterday, when I received a call from someone who had found my name and number on the AMTA web site. Nothing came of it, unfortunately, because he was calling from Fort Walton Beach, which is at least an hour and a half drive from here, too far to go and do a one-hour massage. Still, the fact that people are looking for and finding me is quite encouraging.

On a related note, my new car door signs are ready at Fast Signs, so I will go and pick those up now.

That is all.

Mark out.

PS – I decided that there aren’t nearly enough pictures of me on the web, so here is another one. I’m standing in front of Yorkminster Cathedral a few Christmastimes back. Yes, it’s a white Christmas. How neat is that?

York Cathedral, England, 2009

York Cathedral, England, 2009


Massage Therapist Approved Turk A Leekie Soup

Chilly weather has moved into Florida once more, so here’s a good warm-up recipe that also takes care of the Thanksgiving leftovers.

First, get the rest of the turkey breast out of the fridge, take the bones out, and chop it up. Save some of the parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme you seasoned it with (hey, they were in the spice rack so why not?) but watch out for stray bits of cartilage. Turkeys have a lot more than chickens do, or maybe it seems like that because they’re bigger.

Then get a large-ish pot and set on the stove, and throw the chopped up turkey in along with all the leftover roast tomatoes and onions. Quarter the onions.

Get a whacking huge leek at the grocery and cut it in 1/4 inch rings right up to the leafy part. Toss out the leafy part. Put the leek rings into the pot.

Add a couple of handfuls of carrots in 1/2 inch or so pieces, about half a bag of frozen green peas, and some sliced white mushrooms. Don’t worry if the white mushrooms are a bit brown with secondary fungus – that only enhances the flavor.

Boil water and make enough chicken bouillon to cover all the stuff in the pot, and pour it in. Let it cool a bit and then stick the pot in the fridge since you’re going to the casino in Biloxi tonight.

Cook it tomorrow when you get home, simmering for several hours, maybe with a handful of brown rice in.

This homemade turk a leekie soup is not only delicious (I hope) but healthy (for sure) and is guaranteed to warm you up. Enjoy!

That is all.

Mark out.


It’s Pamper The Therapist Day!

This wasn’t planned a long time ahead, but simply came together quite well.

Yesterday, Monday, was the end of my work week, and Heather mentioned that her schedule for today was pretty empty so I asked if she would work on me. She said she’d love to, and I asked Monica at the front desk to put me on Heather’s to-do list. She did.

Then this morning after the gym I went to get a haircut. I tried a new salon near work, which was very nice, uncluttered, sort of a Los Angeles feel to it. Michelle got me in right away and gave me a haircut that made it look like I didn’t need a haircut instead of like I just had one. I told her I’d be back.

After lunch I went to get my massage, and Kim at the front desk informed me that I wasn’t on the schedule. She strung me along until I was just about to explode and then said she was only kidding. I deserve credit for not smacking her, I really do.

THEN Heather went to work on me, and it was heavenly. She has honed her technique for a long time and has some truly brilliant moves, can go as deep as necessary, and keeps her ears and eyes open for reactions. I never have had a better massage, and I have had many really good massages.

I told her I have a new favorite therapist. Then I had to chill in the break room for a few minutes while I pulled myself together. She really worked me over good, as the Warren Zevon song says.

So now I’m home drinking lots of water, like the nice therapist always tells the client after the massage.

I’m doing that because as soon as I publish this bit, I’m going to start the taps to fill the tub with water and a LOT of Epsom salts, and then mix a very wet and very cold martini to drink while I’m soaking, something highly not recommended – the alcohol that is – after a massage. It’s quite contra-indicated, but I’m sure I’ll survive and feel entirely pampered into the bargain.

It’s an almost sultry 78 degrees outside and in today. Even the weather is set on my being pampered, so who am I to argue?

Oh, and that is not Heather and me in the photo above. I’m not quite that good looking, and Heather is cuter than her. Just so you know.

That is all.

Mark out.

New Job in a Chiropractor’s Office

When I was in school I had thought about working in a chiropractor’s office, at least part time, to get experience and to learn medical massage techniques. And until I get accustomed to working long hours in a row, and day after day, doing the sort of deep tissue work required in that kind of setting anywhere near full time would burn me out in very short order.

So earlier this week I stopped at  school, Pensacola School of Massage Therapy, and talked to Judy, the director. I asked if she could recommend any chiropractors where I could drop off CVs, and she gave me the names of three offices. I polished my CV and printed some copies, along with a cover letter, and made the rounds.

By the end of the day I had two call backs, which thrilled me right down to the ground. Wednesday and Thursday I interviewed with Dr. McGrath, including a half-hour massage on Thursday evening, and Thursday night he offered me a job! He wants me two afternoons a week, which is perfect for right now.

Working short periods of time at this doctor’s office allows me to keep up with things at Emerald Coast Massage Specialists, and also I will be open to accepting a similar position at the other chiropractor’s office. I spoke to her, the other chiropractor, for quite a while Tuesday, and I’ll meet with her and give her a massage on Monday.

Hopefully I’ll be able to work for her as well, and then expand my hours both places over time.

I still will be doing clinical massages at Gulf Coast Primary Care every other Saturday, and perhaps I can pick up some medical techniques at the new job that I can use over there.

But the best thing about this new job is that someone I didn’t know last week hired me to do professionally something I didn’t know how to do at all 18 months ago, and that makes me unbelievably happy.

That is all.

Mark out.

Controlling The Muscles

Today I worked on another therapist. She had been working three months without getting a massage and was really feeling it. I could feel it too, in her back and shoulders and arms, and she seemed a lot better when I got done.

But I was SO pleased because just before she got off the table she said, “I really like the way you take control of the muscles.”

I think that’s the nicest compliment I ever got about my work, from other than my girlfriend, and it made me feel really good.

Hope everyone’s having a great weekend!

That is all.

Mark out.