Back To School!

It’s that time of year again, and as always the start of a new school term means excitement, anticipation, and yes, stress. So I’m trying to make an offer they shouldn’t refuse to the faculty and staff of the Gulf Breeze schools, the three within a mile of Emerald Coast Massage Specialists’ office anyway.

I’m offering my usual $60 an hour therapeutic and relaxation massage for $30, but only to teachers and other staff of Gulf Breeze High, Middle, and Elementary Schools, all three of which are lined up in a neat row on the south side of Gulf Breeze Parkway.

Some of my favorite people are teachers, or were, including my late grandmother and an aunt, along with one lady even closer to me than those two. So I know how fraught this time of year can be, and I’d like to be able to help.

I’m making the offer good for any appointments booked through Sept. 15th, but again, only for these specific and special folks.

With a bit of help from someone near and dear I was able to email Ms. Folse at the high school with this proposal, and Ms. Folse said she had printed it and put it on the staff bulletin board.

So thanks very much for the help, both of you lovely ladies.

All for now.

Mark out.