Baby Steps

I have yet to go quite stir crazy since school ended, but it has been close once in a while. Waiting never is easy so I’m glad for any evidence of progress. I checked my credit card over the phone last week and found that the Powers That Be debited the account for $225, the NTMB board exam fee, so presumably my application went through.

Now I only have to wait to hear from them about available exam dates. Okay, that ‘only’ should have been in italics because it was quite sarcastic. Then I have to choose my exam date, make a reservation, drive to Mobile, take the exam, PASS the exam, wait for them to send me my license, and then get my voice back from screaming not so much from joy as from relief of frustration.

Then I can go to work and make people, including myself, feel better – FINALLY!

That is all.

Mark out.



Photo courtesy Robyn Ware

A week and half ago was the last hurrah for me and the Pensacola School of Massage Therapy and Health Careers. It’s an 8-month program, 640 hours, and I graduated with 4.0 average AND perfect attendance. Hey, somebody has to blow my horn.

Those aren’t my speech notes on the lectern, by the way. As usual I had no prior warning that I’d be speaking. I say ‘as usual’ because the same thing happened when I graduated from Coast Guard radioman’s school in 1972 – 10 minutes before graduation the chief told me I was top of the class and had to give a speech. This one was no doubt a lot less smart alecky.

It was a great final get together. Judy Holley, the director, said a few words, then I said a few words as valedictorian. Well, there were three valedictorians – Kris, Kadher, and me. We all had 4.0 averages. Kadher and I made short speeches but Kris declined. I thought that was interesting – the oldest and the youngest in the class both made valedictorian. Kris will be 20 this week, and I’ll be 58.

Then Cherie and Dr. Debbie made speeches, and so did Miss Lisa, who runs the Health Careers part of the school, training Medical Assistants. The MAs put together a nice photo program that they showed on a big screen, and Dr. Debbie did one for the MTs, also very nice.

There were LOTS of friends and families there, and it was a good job we had such a big room. As it was it got pretty close and I ducked out for some air as soon as Judy did her final bit, after passing out all the diplomas. Everybody stayed a while longer, chatting and taking photos, and then a lot of us went to McGuire’s.

It was crazy crowded there though, and I didn’t want to wait an hour to get a table, so Heath and Heather and Jenna, Heather’s roommate, drove up to Miller’s Ale House. We sipped a couple of pitchers of Samuel Adams and hung out for about an hour, and then I went home.