Mark Nicholas, Massage Therapy Student

Hi! I’m Mark and I’ll be your therapist.

Maybe not today and maybe not tomorrow, but soon and for the rest of my life.

I’m getting things organized and ready to go. I have a table and a lot of skill and training, but no license so I can’t work on anyone for money yet. Friends and relatives can get all the free bodywork they want but Florida law is pretty specific and what I don’t need is to be messing with Florida law.

In fact I just met a Pensacola cop at the gym this morning and we chatted for a while. His name is Sam and he seemed very dedicated, at least to dropping a few pounds, although I sure couldn’t see that he needed it. But they’re carrying a lot more gear now, about 30 pounds he said, or was it 60? Anyway it’s a lot and he doesn’t need to come looking for me while wearing it so I’m keeping my nose clean.

I’m going to go now and look for pictures and things to pretty the place up. Eventually I’ll be pontificating about this and that having to do with massage therapy and related topics.

I have a degree in English literature so I’m good at pontificating, only not about politics or religion, or sport for that matter, except as it applies to massage. I’ll be doing sports massage of course, but I really don’t care who wins as long as there are folks to massage either before or after – or during for that matter, although I doubt that happens much.

All for now.

Mark out.

(Did I mention I used to be a Coast Guard radioman? I should at some point I suppose.)